Architecture Published Roundtable: Past Present Future

As part of the EAHN interest group Building Word Image, Anne Hultzsch (AHO) and Catalina Mejía Moreno (Brighton University / Universidad de los Andes, Colombia) are organising a roundtable at the next Biannual Conference of the European Architectural History Network in Tallinn.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018, National Library of Estonia


Architectural publishing is today under threat as never before. The threat to Architectural Association Publications, together with AA Files, epitomizes a trend that has recently seen the decline of institutional involvement in publishing historical, theoretical as well as practice-oriented research. This object-based workshop at EAHN 2018 in Tallinn will aim to focus discussions on the history of publishing architecture to highlight its crucial relevance for contemporary and future architectural cultures. By inviting scholars and practitioners to share specific objects, such as books, journals, pamphlets, postcards, or even blogs, we will debate issues around dissemination, audiences, authorship, editorial policies, printing and digital processes, economies of publishing, as well as the wider influences of making architecture without building. Each contributor will have 5-10 minutes to present her or his choice of object – a publication that they consider as paradigmatic. Possible objects will include Renaissance treatises, a magazine, a historical survey, a manifesto, a photographic travelogue, a journal, an architect’s monograph, a scholarly journal, a blog, and others. Through an object-based discussion, the roundtable aims to address an urgent question: the raison d’être of architectural publication and its possible futures.

The full conference programme is available here.


Confirmed contributors:

  • Petra Brouwer (University of Amsterdam and Editor of Architectural Histories, the EAHN Journal)
  • Maarten Delbeke (ETH Zurich)
  • Francisco Diaz (Universidad Católica de Chile and Editor of Ediciones ARQ)
  • Rute Figueiredo (ESAP – Porto School of Arts)
  • Charles Rice (University of Technology Sydney and Editor of The Journal of Architecture)
  • Mika Savela (Editor of Arkkitehti, The Finnish Architectural Review)
  • André Tavares (ETH Zurich)
  • Erik Wegerhoff (ETH Zurich)



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