The Printed and the Built – THE BOOK

Drumroll please……. we are thrilled to present the cover of our forthcoming book, The Printed and the Built: Architecture, Print Culture, and Public Debate in the Nineteenth Century (Bloomsbury). In it, many of our favourite scholars explore the intricate relationship between architecture and printed media in the fast-changing nineteenth century.

Lavishly illustrated with colourful and eclectic visual material, from panoramas to printed ephemera, adverts, penny magazines, early photography, and even crime reportage, The Printed and the Built consists of five in-depth thematic essays accompanied by 25 short pieces, each examining a particular printed form. Altogether, they illustrate how new genres communicated architecture to a mass audience, setting the stage for the modern architectural era.

We are currently hard at work with the proofs and are looking very much forward to launch the book at the EAHN conference in Tallinn this June. Here it is on the Bloomsbury website where the particularly impatient can already pre-order it…!

Printed and the Built vis 1

Table of contents

INTRODUCTION. A Storehouse of Ideas
Mari Hvattum and Anne Hultzsch


Barry Bergdoll ‘The Public Square of the Modern Age’: Architecture and the Rise of the Illustrated Press in the Early Nineteenth Century.

Stephen Bann The Past in Print. Ancient Buildings represented by Engraving, Etching and Lithography in Early Nineteenth-Century England

Maarten Delbeke Architecture’s Print Complex. Palloy’s Bastille and the Death of Architecture

Richard Wittman Imprinting Patriotism: Etruria and Egypt in Papal Rome (1834-41)

Beatriz Colomina X-Screens: Röntgen Architecture


Bibliotopography Victor Plahte Tschudi
Cablegram Mari Lending
Cartoon Michela Rosso
Colour Mari Hvattum
Column Anne Hultzsch
Criticism Christina Contandriopoulos
Description Adrian Forty
Encyclopedia Helge Jordheim
Exhibition Léa-Catherine Szacka
Feuilleton Marit Grøtta
Fiction Emma Cheatle
Handbook Petra Brouwer
Libel Timothy Hyde
Masthead Anne Hultzsch
Movables Tim Anstey
Murder Mari Hvattum
Pamphlet Irene Cheng
Paratext Helen Smith
Past Sine Halkjelsvik Bjordal
Review Wallis Miller
Sex Barbara Penner
Silhouette Richard Taws
Street-view André Tavares
Tidings Mathilde Dahl
Xylography Iver Tangen Stensrud


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