Call for Papers: Actors and Vehicles of Architectural Criticism

The Research Network Mapping.Crit.Arch: Architectural criticism 20th and 21st centuries: a cartography/ La Critique architecturale, XXe et XXIe siècles: une cartographie is inviting paper abstracts for its second international workshop, to be held in Bologna, October 4-5, 2016. It will take into consideration the actors and the vehicles of criticism: with these terms we refer to both the agents of criticism (critics, architects, historians, publishers, photographers, institutions, etc.) and the media through which criticism is disseminated (press, photography, exhibitions, etc.). The workshop aims to expand the knowledge about the specific functions of these actors and their networks and to outline their mutual relationships. We are particularly interested in papers that investigate the links between the actors, the media of criticism, and the historical contexts within which they materialize, as well as the cultural, intellectual, and institutional milieus from which they originate.

The workshop welcomes papers authored by architectural and urban historians as well as by scholars in different fields of research (sociology, philosophy, information and communication science, etc.). Abstracts in English of maximum 300 words, accompanied by a short CV including name, affiliation and a list of publications (both files in word or rtf format), must be sent by June 19th, 2016 to: and

For the full call and all details, please visit the Mapping.Crit.Arch website.  Screenshot 2016-05-16 20.35.14


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