Printed & Built at EAHN

EAHN Dublin

The Printed and the Built project has a strong presence at the European Architectural History Network’s international conference in Dublin 2-4 June 2016.

*Anne Hultzsch gives the paper “To ‘preclude all . . . circumbeindibuses’: Making Public the Competition for the Houses of Parliament, 1835-36” in Barry Bergdoll’s session “Architecture exhibition and the emergence of public debate on architecture, cities and the public good in the 18th and early 19th centuries”

*Richard Wittman speaks on “The Pope, Public Opinion and Architecture in Rome (1823-25)”, also in Bergdoll’s session.

*Mari Lending and Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen hosts the double session “Time Travel I-II”.

*Tim Anstey contributes to Henriette Steiner’s session “Architectures of Waiting in the City” with the paper “Stop Motion. Slussen, Stockholm”.

*Mari Hvattum speaks on “Building  the Nation before Nationalism” in Gary Boyd and Hugh Campbell’s roundtable “Architecture and the Changing Construction of National Identity”.

The program for the EAHN conference 2016 can be studied here.


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