Housing Policies as Urban Theatre

bilder_alle_red 18

The conference On the role of 20th century exhibitions in shaping housing discourses on May 13th in Paris and May 20th in Milan, aims at analysing the role and impact of exhibitions in the development of residential architecture. It examines the role of such federal, local, popular or specialised events in both codifying the national housing discourse and shaping residential models. On May 13th AHO PhD fellow Mathilde Dahl presents the paper “Housing policies as urban theatre” on two exhibitions in former Oslo/Kristiania: Norway Nye Hjem [New Homes] in 1920 and Form og Farve [Form and Colour] in 1924. In connection to these shows, the art historian Carl W. Schnitler, also a member of the exhibition committee, presented two leading concepts: “socialisation of the arts” (Nye Hjem) and “Helhetsvirkningen” (Form og Farve/form and colour). Dahl argues that a contextualisation of the exhibition and the urban sites in which they were staged, opens up new readings of these notions, illustrating the interfused connection between Schnitler’s political and aesthetic ideas of the modern. 


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