Printed & Built Second International Symposium


August 27-28 2015, The Printed & Built project hosted its second international symposium. Following on from last year’s success, we invited some of our favourite scholars for a two-day discussion on all things printed and built. This year’s guest speakers were Beatriz Colomina from Princeton University, Stephen Bann from the University of Bristol, Maarten Delbeke from Ghent University, Adrian Forty from University College London, and Wallis Miller from the University of Kentucky. In addition, scholars from the project presented on-going work.

With topics ranging from Renaissance guidebooks to 20th century X-ray technology the symposium drew on a rich and diverse material Most speakers gleaned their examples from 18th and 19th century publications, however, be it Francis Stevens’ evocative etchings of vernacular English houses, discussed by Stephen Bann, or Maarten Delbeke’s account of the dismantlement and distribution of the Bastille – in stone as well as in print. Examining the relationship between architecture and printing from many different angles and in many different periods, the symposium opened up crucial questions.

Printed & Built symposium 2015_audience program


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